Jason Moran has releases 4 recordings in 18 months. He has begun his own label YES RECORDS and you can purchase the CDS HERE
and downloads on Bandcamp HERE
. The latest is MASS {Howl; eon} featuring Jamire Williams and Graham Haynes. Moran composed the music while painter Julie Mehretu completed two epic paintings for SFMOMA. Watch the video
. Ava DuVernay's documentary THE 13th
is scored by Jason Moran and on view via NETFLIX. Slavery, Jim Crow, Criminalization links a chain of racial inequality, forged by political and economic motives. This marks DuVernay and Moran's second collaboration as their followup to SELMA.
Moran is a recipient of the 2010 MacArthur Fellowship.

Watch a clip of GRAMMAR, the feature length documentary on Jason Moran's past 4 years of work.

Jason Moran interviews artist Glenn Ligon in the summer issue of INTERVIEW magazine. See their collaboration DEATH OF TOM at the Museum of Modern Art.